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This is my writing partner,


We started writing together in 2015.

CTRL ALT DELETE  (2017-2019) is the first workplace comedy to be set in an abortion clinic.


2 Emmy nominations! Best Actress in a Short Form, 2018. Best Actor in a Short Form, 2019

Film Festivals: Cleveland International Film Festival, The Collaborative Film Festival*, Near Nazareth Festival, Chicago Feminist Film Festival, Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Festival, Imagine This Women's International Film Festival, Topaz Film Festival by Women in Film Dallas**, The Valley Film Festival, The Broad Humor Film Festival***, DTLA Film Festival, FirstGlance Film Festival Philadelphia****, Moondance International Film Festival*****,

*Winner, Best Web Series

**Winner, Best Comedy

***Winner, Audience Award




CAD Ed Season 2.jpg

Take With Water (2019) is a short film about a couple playing battleship to decide who will live and who will die as they face the end of the world.

Film Festivals: Valley Film Festival, The Collaborative Film Festival*

*nomination, Best Actor

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To Fall in Love with Anyone, Play This Game (2015).  A short film about two women who discover each other by playing a game to see if they are soulmates.

Film Festival: Martha's Vineyard International Film Festoval

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